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Foxwell is a brand that has set its bar high by creating top of the range products. The brand offers quality car diagnostic scanners which meet industry standards and function on a wide range of vehicles. In this review, we will look at the Foxwell nt614 car diagnostic scanner. This scan tool is not only ergonomically designed but as well rugged. It performs various functions such as retrieving ECU data, reading & clearing codes, displaying freeze frame data, and many other functions.

The Foxwell nt614 scan tool comes with a large TFT color screen that displays data and a TF memory card that backs up data. The scanner can be used on OBD2 cars, SUVs, light-duty trucks, and minivans sold worldwide from 1996 and newer. In short, it covers more than 58 manufacturers. Also, it supports all OBD2 test modes, like O2 sensor test, live data, and component test. With free lifetime upgrades, you can rely on this scanner to serve you for over a long period of time.

Features of the Foxwell NT614 scan tool

  • Requests and records live sensor data
  • Displays freeze frame data
  • Code troubleshooters
  • Retrieves ECU information
  • Coverage includes 58 manufacturers
  • Enhanced OBDII mode 6 functionality
  • Provides live data graphing
  • Compatible with both OBD2 cars, minivans, SUVs, light-duty trucks sold around the world
  • TF memory card for data backup
  • Supports all OBDII test modes
  • Merges graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
  • Reads and clear codes and turns off MILs of engine, transmission,

Benefits of the Foxwell nt614 diagnostic scanner

  • Broad vehicle coverage

This is a versatile scan tool that covers car models from 58 different car manufacturers. It is compatible with OBD2 cars, SUVs, minivans, and light-duty trucks sold in the entire world. Some of the car brands covered include BMW, Audi, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi, GM, Jaguar, Land Rover, Bentley, Porsche, KIA, Acura, Honda, Mazda, Benz, and many others.

  • Ergonomic design and rugged built

The NT614 is ergonomically designed to enable quick and simple handling of the device. It also fits well in the hands of the user. In addition, the device is ruggedly built to defy the tough surroundings that mechanics work in. Hence, it won’t break or crash when dropped accidentally.

  • Multilingual device

Foxwell nt614 is a device that can be used in different parts of the world as it is a multilingual device. It has 10 different languages to choose from, thus you can be certain that you will be okay with one of the languages offered. Some of the languages include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, polish, etc.

  • Lightweight and portable

Carrying the nt614 diagnostic scan tool is very easy. This is because it is lightweight and small in size. The scan tool measures 13.1 by 8.9 by 3.2 inches. Also, it weighs 2.25 pounds and thus it is very lightweight and not a burden to carry. You can place it in your car or backpack and get it out easily when you need it.

  • Easy to use car scan tool

One of the challenges that mechanics and technicians face is using the scan tool. The Foxwell nt614 is easy to use as it comes with a large TFT color screen. Also, it has menu-driven operations and 3 button shortcut keys that offer quick access to most frequently utilized functions. This scan tool almost similar of the Foxwell NT624 model.

  • Lifetime free upgrade

When you purchase this diagnostic scanner, you can be certain that you won’t need to acquire a new one soon for your new car model. This is because its software can be upgraded by using the TF memory card and internet. Your device will be up-to-date and you won’t have to worry about checking, reading, and clearing codes of newer car models.

Shortcomings of the Foxwell nt614 diagnostic scanner

  • Bad customer care services

Foxwell doesn’t have a contact center or contact number in the USA. This is a setback as clients can’t get instant help when they need it. One has to send an email to the manufacturer in order to get assistance. If you are afraid about this then I will recommend you buy car scan tool from Innova.

  • Not compatible with all vehicles

A second setback is that the Foxwell nt614 is not compatible with all the vehicle models listed. Several users have complained about this issue and it is important for you to check compatibility before buying it.


The Foxwell nt614 is ergonomically designed and sturdily made. It has exceptional features that make it be suitable for professional mechanics as well DIY enthusiasts.  Also, it has easy to use buttons and a large display colored screen for displaying the results. The OBD2 scan tool supports all 10 OBDII test modes and it is multilingual. Use it on Asian, American, and European cars. Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade the software of your device via the internet as the Foxwell nt614 comes with lifetime free upgrade.